Please see 'Take-Out meals at The Smiddy' page for details of our take-out menu                                                         

To start your meal                                     Home made soup of the day. served with warm roll and butter                                                                                      £4.50

                                                                            Prawns in a marie rose sauce served with crispy salad and lemon                                                                                 £5.95
                                                                            Mango and brie filo pastry parcels and a crisp salad garnish                                                                                             £5.25

For your main course

Eyemouth haddock, deep fried in a crispy beer batter with chips and peas                                                             £14.75

Breaded Whitby scampi served with chips and peas                                                                                                             £14.25

Chicken, smoked bacon and mushroom pie served with chip or potatoes, and vegetables                              £15.95

Homemade steak, ale and mushroom pie served with chips or potatoes, and vegetables                                £15.95

                                                                         Home roast lamb and garden mint sauce, served with roast potatoes and vegetables                                  £15.95

                                                                         Sausages and crushed potatoes with onion gravy and fresh seasonal vegatables                                             £12.75

                                                                        Squash and red onion tagine served with cous cous                                                                                                         £13.75

                                                                         Kale and mixed mushroom pie served with chips and vegetables                                                                             £14.95

No visit to The Smiddy is complete until you taste one of our sweets

We have a great range of sweets all made here at The Smiddy  with love                                           £5.95

Sticky toffee pudding, toffee sauce and cream      
Ice cream Crannachan, raspberry sauce and shortbread rounds
Chocolate fudge cake served warm with cream
Homemade meringues topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit
Lemon drizzle cake and cream
Chocolate brownie with ice cream

This is only a selection of our menu items available, and although it is a good representation of what we offer, the menu and any special offers or promotions may change at any time. For our currant menu it is always best to call in and see the main menu board.

Booking is advisable, especially during busy times, although we always try and accommodate guests when possible

If you have any special dietary requirements, please speak to us so we are able to help